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 We are glad to display your car inside our showroom while we advertise it all over the world.  Our program will get your vehicle maximum exposure, not only nationally, but internationally.  Currently, over 60% of our sales are overseas.  Your vehicle will be placed not only on our website, but most of the major collector car websites including:


We also have ads in the Century Link Yellow Pages

We offer potential customers financing options, transportation and the comfort of dealing with an established dealership.  Our service is backed by our spotless 32 year reputation as one of the best collector car dealers in the country. 

We strive to make the sale!  Any potential buyer is offered countless photos, video, detailed descriptions and the option of seeing it on our lift.

Plus, your vehicle is displayed and safely stored inside our alarmed facility.  We keep your tires pumped up, battery charged and maintain its clean appearance.

Most of all, we save the hassle of selling it yourself.  No paying for ads. No annoying phone calls or emails. No dealing with tires kickers. No joy rides. No trading for cars or boats you don't want.  No strangers coming to your home with less than honest intentions!

We offer all of this for only $37.50 per week!  The cost of just placing the ads on each website would far exceed that!


$150.00     Per Month

10% of the sale price for vehicles over $20,000

12% of the sale price for vehicles under $20,000


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Mike Nicholl
Phone: 702-873-2222
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